The Kids at Work

Child labour in Bangladesh is unfortunately very common, with 4.7 million or 12.6% of children aged 5 to 14 in the work force. Out of the child labourers engaged in the work force, 83% are employed in rural areas and 17% are employed in urban areas. <a href="">Child labour</a> can be found in agriculture, poultry breeding, fish processing, the local garment sector and the local leather industry, as well as in shoe production. Children are involved in jute processing, the production of candles, soap and furniture. They work in the salt industry, the production of asbestos, bitumen, tiles and ship breaking. In 2006, <a href="">Bangladesh</a> passed a Labour Law setting the minimum legal age for employment as 14. Nevertheless, the enforcement of such labour laws is virtually impossible in Bangladesh because 93% of child labourers are employed in the informal sector such as small factories and workshops, on the street, in home-based businesses and domestic employment. Despite the prevalence of child labour in Bangladesh, there has been an increase in legislation against child labour. Bangladesh has ratified, the ILO <a href="">Worst Forms of Child Labour Convention</a> (C182). In addition, the country also ratified the UN <a href="">Convention on the Rights of the Child</a>.

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